Trevor Blake and Richenda Walford: George Walford, A Memorial (May 1919 – August 1994)

George Walford Memorial

A memorial to a keen thinker, astute debater and intelligent writer who challenged assumptions vigorously and persuasively. This memorial contains texts by some of those who read him, debated with him and are glad that he lived – whether they agreed with him or not.

In 1995 Jon Halle and David Weinkove announced a memorial publication for the late George Walford. They began but, due to other commitments, they were unable to complete this project. With their full co-operation, Trevor Blake and Richenda Walford took over the work and the result is two-fold: a paper publication and a Web version.

George’s papers are now lodged at the Social History Institute in Amsterdam. This is where George himself lodged Harold Walsby’s papers so they are in good company. However you do not need to go to Amsterdam to read the papers. Most of his published works (and some unpublished works) are posted at GWIEP.NET, to provide world-wide access. The Walford family are immensely grateful to Trevor Blake for achieving this.

If you have comments to make on what you read here we would be delighted to receive them. We will not be producing a paper follow-up but further discussion can take place on the net.

Although they did not write contributions to this memorial, kind words of support were received from: Nils R. Connor, Ignazio Corsaro, Jon Halle, David McDonagh, Bruce Mackenzie, Martin Marsh, Dr. Max Mayer, Peter Nesbit, Phil Shaw, Jennifer Sprague, David Weinkove and Dan Wilson.

Sadly, some who might have contributed to this memorial or who wished to receive it have died before its publication. As we remember George Walford, let us also remember Jean Gimpel, George Hay, Ellis Hillman, John McGregor, Nathan Nesbit and Charles Sprague.

Trevor Blake and Richenda Walford
June 1998

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