Ellis Hillman

Harold Walsby: Escape to Reality

Continuing our series of reprints from the SOCIALIST LEADER, from copy supplied by Ellis Hillman, this article comes from the issue of 1st March, 1952. It shows the warm response Walsby was capable of, a side of his personality seldom finding a chance to appear in his more theoretical work, and his evident interest in… read more »

George Walford: Editorial Notes (37)

With this issue we present the new, improved IC, itself to be improved in future numbers. The reduced number of pages contains rather more than the former amount of material. The (A-)SPGB have been squeezed out of this issue, but it is an omission we shall try hard not to repeat: “My fires are banked,… read more »

Harold Walsby: Revolt and the Masses

(Here we continue reprinting the articles Walsby contributed to the SOCIALIST LEADER, from copy supplied by Ellis Hillman. This one appeared in the issue of January 19, 1952. – GW) A few weeks ago an article of mine appeared in these columns drawing attention to the big problem of transforming the democratic socialist movement into… read more »

Harold Walsby: What Makes the Socialist Tick?

(Here we continue reprinting the articles Walsby contributed to the SOCIALIST LEADER, from copy supplied by Ellis Hillman. This one appeared in the issue of January 5, 1952 – GW.) How do people become socialists? What is it that enables some people to see with striking clarity that capitalism cannot function in the interest of… read more »

Harold Walsby: Socialism, ‘Pure’ and Scientific

Here we continue reprinting Walsby’s contributions to the Socialist Leader in the 1950s, from copy supplied by Ellis Hillman. His piece in the issue of 8 December 1951 is not clear apart from the letter it refers to, so we print the relevant extracts from that first; it starts by referring to the article by… read more »

George Walford: A Letter from Moscow

IC32 reported that with the agreement of ICĀ Ellis Hillman had written to the Marx-Engels Institute in Moscow to urge the publication of a comprehensive edition of Karl Kautsky’s works. This is the reply: See also: Letter from Moscow from IC34. from Ideological Commentary 33, May 1988.

Ellis Hillman: Karl Kautsky, Heir of Marx and Engles?

Right up to the outbreak of the Great War Karl Kautsky was held generally to be the most prominent disciple and continuator of the ideas, theories and ‘method’ of Marx and Engels. Dick Geary, in a mini-biography of Kautsky (1854-1938) in a series entitled Lives of the Left published by Manchester University Press in 1987,… read more »

Ellis Hillman: Information Wanted

I am currently preparing a paper on the life and ideals of Harry Martin, one of the founders of the Socialist Party of Great Britain. He is referred to in Robert Barltrop’s colourful history of the SPGB, The Monument (Pluto Press 1975) on five separate pages. Harry Martin was the first (and last?) prophet of… read more »

Harold Walsby: ‘Purist’ Socialists are Inverted Tories

(Reprinted from the Socialist Leader 10 November 1951. Copy supplied by Ellis Hillman. – GW) In the cloud of emotional dust raised by Len Collier there is still left, when the dust has settled, a very real and vital problem for all socialists to consider. The problem is not new, but it is of vital… read more »

Harold Walsby: Colour Systems and Social Systems

Here we continue our series of reprints of Walsby’s articles from the Socialist Leader, begun in IC27, with copy supplied by Ellis Hillman. This is from the issue of 29 April 1950; it completes the article “Dogmatic Nonsense” which appeared on 15 April 1950, reprinted in IC30. – GW Further to my previous letter, we… read more »