Social Science Association

Their “Operation Utopia”

Reprinted from The Reading Standard, May 4, 1956 Artist’s Family Trek in Search of New Home Artist, author, sociologist and inventor Mr. Harold Walsby and his wife and three children are about to start trekking across the world by caravan and boat, with Australia as their final destination. Mr. Walsby plans to pay for the… read more »

George Orwell Letters to George Walford

Prior to writing 1984, George Orwell wrote these letters to George Walford. George Walford (1919 – 1994) was a student of systematic ideology. – Trevor Blake   CAN 3751 27 B Canonbury Square Islington London N1 30.6.45 Dear Mr. Walford, Many thanks for your letter of 26th June, and for the pamphlet “The Intellectual and… read more »

George Walford: The New Magic

Few of us have any better grounds for believing in germs than for believing in witches. – Professor Gordon Childe. IN the relationship between science and daily life two distinct and complementary tendencies can be observed. On the one hand the products of science are coming into an increasingly intimate relationship with our everyday activities…. read more »

Revised 1945 Constitution of the Social Science Association

Adopted on the 15th of October, 1945. I. TITLE. The organisation functioning under this Constitution shall be known by the title of “THE SOCIAL SCIENCE ASSOCIATION.” In this Constitution it is referred to as “the Association. II. OBJECTS. The objects of the Association are: (a) To carry on and encourage research into the nature, structure… read more »

Social Science Cultural Groups Organization: The More We Get Together

The More We Get Together. [London]: Social Science Association, nd. Art likely by Harold Walsby. An invitation to join the (entirely fictitious) SSA United Groups: Social Club, Dance Club, Sports Club, Fashion Club, Travel Society, Film Society, Crime Club, Aero Club, Music Society, Stage Society, Arts Society, Radio Club, Book Club, Garden Club, Nature Club,… read more »

Gilmac: The Domain of Sterilities

The Domain of Ideologies by Harold Walsby (1947, William Maclellan, Glasgow, 10s 6d) is a very disappointing book.  Purporting to be a new and a scientific explanation of the origin, development and structure of ideologies, it consists mainly of baseless statements, logical fallacies, and the rehash of outworn ideas; the whole of which is presented… read more »

A. W. Spencer-Bragg (Harold Walsby): The Final Crusade

Not till a natural science of collective life has been created… Can we expect to enter into a really human era of history… in which collective life evolves… according to reason. -S. de Madariaga. Throughout the ages, since the dawn of human society, men have quarrelled, fought and made war upon one another. Whatever their… read more »

A. W. Spencer-Bragg (Harold Walsby): The International Volcano

It cannot be denied that for a society… to whom unlimited energy means unlimited power for war and destruction there is an ominous cloud in the distance… – Sir Arthur Eddington The aftermath of the most gigantic war in all history discloses to the more discerning mind a situation which is fraught with the direst… read more »

A. W. Spencer-Bragg (Harold Walsby): While Rome Burns

One of the most terrifying symptoms of the present time is the complete indifference of the average person to politics, apart from the squabbles about party. -Professor Sir John Graham Kerr, M.P. In earlier chapters we have drawn attention to the magnitude and urgency of the problems arising from the impact of science on our… read more »

A. W. Spencer-Bragg (Harold Walsby): Scientific Superstitions

The real problem is how scientific resources can be co-ordinated with our inadequate knowledge of mankind and the relation of man to man. Dr. J. F. Moutford, Vice-Chancellor of Liverpool University. In view of the very strong position occupied by scientists in modern civilisation – the fact that they hold many of the most strategic… read more »