George Walford Memorial

Alison Walford, Sharon Goodyear and Richenda Walford: George Walford Memorial

George had a happy secure childhood up to the age of ten. He said his mother was always there, good-tempered and understanding, while his father, a self-employed workaholic builder, put in brief appearances during which George learnt roller-skating, cycling and swimming; it was the foundation for a lifetime’s interest in individual sports. For several years… read more »

Brenda McIntosh: Jack as I Knew Him

As a teenager I was presented with a silent, bearded, impressively intellectual brother-in-law. Despite a few introductory swimming excursions to Hampstead Ponds he remained too awesome to commune with. His desire to debate every topic rather than pass on to another was unnerving – he reminded me of a threshing mill beating out the last… read more »

Eric Stockton: Thoughts on Ideological Minimalism

Harold Walsby circa 1940s. I enjoyed being one of George Walford’s readers and correspondents although I did not have the pleasure of meeting him. I have no idea what he might have thought of what follows but I like to imagine that he would have found it worth reading. I write as an amateur philosopher… read more »

George R. Russell, SPGB: George Walford Memorial

Although I never met George when he was a member of the SPGB in the forties I did know of him. I was most agreeably surprised when he told me (when I became a subscriber to IC) that he had known many of the Glasgow members that I knew so well, such as Angus Beech… read more »

John Rowan: George Walford Memorial

Harold Walsby circa 1940s I don’t know when I met George, but it must have been after 1951, when I came back to London after raveling round the North of England with Harold Walsby, selling encyclopaedias. There were several of us at that time interested in Walsby’s ideas, and the two I knew best were… read more »

Peter Shepherd: George Walford Memorial

I wish I had been able to write much earlier, if only to give credibility to my expression of regret, forming in fact one of the main supplementary reasons for the writing of this letter, that I never made my peace with George. I suppose I vaguely thought the breach would heal itself in the… read more »

Paul Minet: Seeking George Walford

   George Walford died in late August 1994, an event not much noticed in the [Antiquarian Bookselling] trade. We stood in silent memory of him, as is our custom with ABA members, at the ABA Committee, but there was little talk of him then or afterwards. Some surprising people said they had never met him…. read more »

Dr. Zvi Lamm: Encounter in Autumn

I described the factual side of my encounter with George elsewhere (see my Ideologies in an Hierarchical Order in Science and Public Policy, vol. 11, No.1, pp. 40 -46), but I made no mention there of my impressions of that encounter. I live in a country in which ideology has for many years not been… read more »

Mary Anne Knukel: George Walford Memorial

It was with pleasure I received your letter, which arrived at a time when, coincidentally, we had been thinking about how much we are missing George Walford’s IC – his ideas, thoughts & stimulus for further ideas & thoughts. It is good to know that this discussion continues – he’d like that. In the (sadly)… read more »