George Walford: Names for the Major Ideologies

Nobody claims that the present “standard” series of names for the major ideologies – “protostatic” to “metadynamic” is ideal. It is not even sufficient. One feature of each ideologies a particular view of the ideological series, and this means we need at least six more sets of terms for the major ideologies, each set defining each of them in terms of the distinctive assumptions of one of them, to be used particularly by, and when addressing, that major ideological group.

George Hay has proposed a set of names which, by its emphasis on external determination, seems to link with the parastatic approach:

protostatic – stasis-determined
epistatic – custom-determined
parastatic – adaption-determined
protodynamic – evolution-determined
epidynamic – change-determined
paradynamic – abolition-determined
metadynamic – (the list received included no term for this group, but after abolition what can it be but undetermined or self-determined?)

Comments? Improvements? Further sets for the parastatic? Sets for the other ideologies?

from Ideological Commentary 6, March 1980.