PSI Circular Number One (January 1979)

Coming Attractions PSI Open Meeting: Friday Jan 12 at [address] for 8.00. COLIN FRY, Co-Ordinator of the Environment Information Group, will speak on AN APPROACH TO THE SYSTEMATIC ANALYSIS OF ECOLOGICAL IDEOLOGY. Mensa Think-In: On Thursday 8 February at 8.00 pm George Walford will speak at the National Liberal Club, [address] on THE POWER OF… read more »

Joshua Feldman: Reconceptualising (systematic) Ideology in the Wake of Political Psychology

Joshua Feldman: Reconceptualising (systematic) ideology in the wake of political psychology: Positivism, classical conditioning and the Tree of Knowledge (ToK) System Winner, 2016 George Walford International Essay Prize. For man’s intellect, though it has mastered a great deal of the universe which is its environment, has not mastered itself… Hence the need for systematised knowledge… read more »

Robert M. D. Minto: Systematic Ideology and Science Fiction

Winner, 2014 George Walford International Essay Prize. 1. Introduction “Perhaps,” begins an essay by George Walford, “we should pay more attention to science fiction.” [1] He proceeds to analyze the novel Soldier, Ask Not by Phillip K. Dick. In Dick’s novel, the evolution of the human race causes it to split onto different planets, the… read more »

George Walford: The (Anarcho-) Socialist Party (50)

MERSEYSIDE SCORE HALF A POINT To the Editor of IC: In IC‘s third reply to Merseyside Branch (IC49) you say that Merseyside “use quotation marks in a way suggesting that words or phrases come from s.i. sources when (to the best of IC‘s knowledge) they do not. If Merseyside can show ‘abolition determined’ and ‘change-resistant’… read more »

Mary Cole: The Systematic Supernatural / Systematic Ideology as a Framework for the Origin, Function, and Alteration of Religion

Winner, 2013 George Walford International Essay Prize. In an evolutionary context, a belief in the supernatural is costly. Evolutionary cost refers to anything that reduces an individual’s eventual reproductive success from what that individual would otherwise achieve. Such cost includes unnecessary practices that either neglect or consume resources that otherwise could be used provision oneself… read more »

George Walford: From Politics to Ideology

This article follows on from the one entitled THE POLITICAL SERIES in IC34. The six groups spoken of are the main-sequence political movements, those known in Britain as conservatism, liberalism, socialism and communism, with the non-political people preceding conservatism and anarchism (including the (A-)SPGB) following communism. – GW We now have before us six groups… read more »

George Walford: In Pursuit of Precision

He calculated happiness, invented both the modern jail and the word “intentional” and now sits, though with a waxen head, in University College. He published little of his own work, but produced some 70,000 sheets of manuscript to be turned into books by other people, some of the most influential first appearing in French and… read more »

George Walford: Invisible Women

Judy Greenway recently addressed an anarchist discussion group on the subject: INVISIBLE WOMEN: PROBLEMS IN ANARCHIST-FEMINIST HISTORY. Her theme was that although the anarchist movement could hardly have functioned without the women selling literature, writing, taking printed sheets from the press and performing other unsung tasks, most of them remain unmentioned in the histories. Using… read more »

George Walford: To Start You Thinking

Margaret Chisman, Opening the Mind’s Eye; Exercises in Truth, Beauty and Goodness. London, Institute for Social Inventions, 1988, wrappers, pp 40, illus., £2.50 A series of 59 exercises which ‘will give social permission to explore, discover and discuss various outlooks, ways of life, belief systems, mores, morality and aesthetics.’ To give one (slightly abridged) example:… read more »