George Walford – Ideological Uncertainty Principle Query

From time to time IC includes short sharp jabs listed as “provocations”: This one appeared in IC5: Ideological uncertainty principle: The more precisely, an item of behaviour is quantified the less precise its significance becomes. Stan Chisman has responded: The more precisely an item of behaviour is quantified the less satisfactory it becomes as the… read more »

George Walford: Eidodynamic Conflicts

One conclusion toward which s.i. points is that the Political individualism associated with the eidodynamic has the result that the eidodynamic professions, (psycho-analysis for example), tend to be, unlike the eidostatic ones (physical science for example), areas of continuing intellectual conflict. Consider these remarks on the psycho-analytic theory of Jacques Lacan (a leading French analyst)… read more »

Reconciliation Quarterly: Review of Ideologies and Their Function

This review of Ideologies and Their Functions appeared in Reconciliation Quarterly. Ideologies and Their Functions. George Walford, 1979. Obtainable from The Bookshop, [address] Price: £3.95 HB; £1.95 PB. An interesting book. One cannot help liking a book which begins by pointing out that “I am mad about my flat” means “I am delighted with my… read more »

George Walford: Ideology Beyond Evolution

In IC5 there was an article by John Woodcock, entitled Evolution and Ideology. It posited an “evolutionary series” extending from the inorganic through the organic to the social and ideological. The purpose of the present short piece is to suggest that this concept is valid only if “evolutionary” be taken in that broad sense in… read more »

Adrian Williams: Ideology and Ecology

During over two years of activity in this country, the environmental movement has attracted support from minorities in all the major ideological groups. As usual each minority thinks its political programme best and the others are mistaken, and each minority seeks to convert firstly its own political group. This survey of attitudes is intended to… read more »

George Walford: Names for the Major Ideologies

Nobody claims that the present “standard” series of names for the major ideologies – “protostatic” to “metadynamic” is ideal. It is not even sufficient. One feature of each ideologies a particular view of the ideological series, and this means we need at least six more sets of terms for the major ideologies, each set defining… read more »