Walsby Society

George Walford: Ideology and the Left

Walsby came to develop a theory of ideology which relates to all our purposive or intentional behaviour, but his starting-point was political. The immediate cause of his rejection of Left-wing political theory was the crucial perception that the Left is not a specifically working-class movement nor the Right a specifically capitalist or bourgeois one. It… read more »

George Walford: The Walsby Society

The Walsby Society is concerned with the theories of the late Harold Walsby. This pamphlet sketches Walsby’s work in ideology; he also worked in other areas, notably in philosophy, mathematical logic, and the development of a dialectical algebra. His object, in all these studies, was to understand thought, thought itself and its effect upon the… read more »

George Walford: You Cannot Join the Walsby Society

The object of The Walsby Society is to develop and make known the work of the late Harold Walsby. The Society has no formal membership, no funds, no Constitution. People who take part in its work do so on their own initiative, on their own respensibility and at their own expense. Harold Walsby worked in… read more »

George Walford: The Power of Ideology

Ideology is a social force Ideology is a social force.  A hostile force.  It divides and destroys us.  It sets us against each other; people, movements, nations. Ideology is here to stay.  It affects us all, and we cannot escape it.  But we can control it. We can control this social force as we control… read more »

Peter Shepherd: The Walsby Society

When Harold Walsby died suddenly at his home in the Lake District early in May 1973, he had not lived in London for some twenty years and no organized group concerned with promulgating or pursuing his views had existed for at least seventeen years. Only a few of his friends and former associates in London… read more »

Peter Shepherd: Origins and Limitations of the Walsby Viewpoint

“An adaption of some notes about Walsby and the SSA I wrote in April 1965, when in Ghana […] it was not published […] The 1965 notes were called ‘Thoughts on the African Identity’ and included an account and attempted analysis not only of that question and of ‘Social Rationality’ (the expression I used for… read more »

Peter Shepherd: Harold Walsby, Independent Thinker

“A draft Introduction for an intended second edition of Harold Walsby’s The Domain of Ideologies. […] It is important that a new edition of the book, if and when it appears, should have benefited from all possible sources of information about its background and a variety of views about its approach and implications.” Peter Shepherd,… read more »

George Walford: The Transparent Mask of Marxism

Suggested by the paper by Peter Rollings entitled: THE FACES OF MARXISM AND WHAT THEY CONCEAL, presented to the Walsby Society in March 1975. The paper by Peter Rollings, THE FACES OF MARXISM AND WHAT THEY CONCEAL, has one quality in common with every serious political study. It leaves the reader feeling that however many… read more »