George Walford: The Walsby Society

The Walsby Society is concerned with the theories of the late Harold Walsby. This pamphlet sketches Walsby’s work in ideology; he also worked in other areas, notably in philosophy, mathematical logic, and the development of a dialectical algebra. His object, in all these studies, was to understand thought, thought itself and its effect upon the behaviour of people and of society.

The Walsby Society endeavours to carry on this work. It is a task which makes unusual demands upon those who would take part in it, for those who study thought must accept no restraints upon their own thinking. They must not regard any theory as proven, for this would be to exclude that theory from study. Those who would continue Walsby’s work can accept even his own results only provisionally and tentatively. The greatest contribution anybody could make would be to prove all his results wrong; that would be a giant step forward along the path he strove to open up. The Walsby Society is concerned with Harold Walsby’s work but is not committed to acceptance of it. All that is required of those who would work with the Society is that their activities should be relevant; opposition is as welcome as support.

This pamphlet is presented to the Walsby Society, but the Society has neither accepted nor rejected it. The Society, and the people connected with it, have complete freedom in regard to the propositions brought forward here, accepting or rejecting them as their own thinking shall indicate. The writer alone is responsible for every statement made.

So if this pamphlet should provoke you into opposing the theories it puts forward-well, that is one of the things it is meant to do. The Walsby Society will be glad to hear from you. Contact can probably be made through the source from which this pamphlet reached you. If not, then by writing to: The Bookshop, [address].

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