George Walford: Assumption and Identification

The twin foundation stones of ideological theory are the associated concepts of assumption and identification. Assumption: Ideology is one of the studies concerned with thought, and it is general practice, among those who study thinking, to distinguish between the true and the false. It is, indeed, often taken for granted that the establishment of this… read more »

George Walford: The Field of Ideology

The term “ideology,” like the term “psychology,” is used with three distinct meanings. It refers to that which is studied, to the activity of studying it, and to the theory resulting from that study. (Also, by analogy with “psychologist,” we shall refer to the student of ideology as an ideologist). Ideology (that which is studied)… read more »

George Walford: Ideology and the Left

Walsby came to develop a theory of ideology which relates to all our purposive or intentional behaviour, but his starting-point was political. The immediate cause of his rejection of Left-wing political theory was the crucial perception that the Left is not a specifically working-class movement nor the Right a specifically capitalist or bourgeois one. It… read more »

George Walford: The Walsby Society

The Walsby Society is concerned with the theories of the late Harold Walsby. This pamphlet sketches Walsby’s work in ideology; he also worked in other areas, notably in philosophy, mathematical logic, and the development of a dialectical algebra. His object, in all these studies, was to understand thought, thought itself and its effect upon the… read more »

Morris Richards: Post-Mortem on Fascism

One thing is certain: the phenomenon represented by Hitler is not a mischance which, once overcome, will not return in some other form. It is a consequence of mistakes which humanity has made, and if they are made again there will come a new edition of Hitlerism or Fascism, involving the same perils and the… read more »

George Walford: The Intellectual and the People

[“Dear Mr. Walford, Many thanks for your letter of 26th June, and for the pamphlet ‘The Intellectual and the People.’ I have read it with interest and would like to discuss it with you. I have been working along somewhat similar lines for many years, in an unsystematised way.” – George Orwell, 30 June 1945]… read more »

George Walford: The Power of Ideology

Ideology is a social force Ideology is a social force.  A hostile force.  It divides and destroys us.  It sets us against each other; people, movements, nations. Ideology is here to stay.  It affects us all, and we cannot escape it.  But we can control it. We can control this social force as we control… read more »

Absolute Union of Democracy: Crusade or Suicide!

The Sleep of Death What ails this Nation?  Why this sluggishness, this lethargy, this slumber?  Why this muddle-headed paralysis and complacency? With stark murder hanging over us, this is downtright criminal.  It’s suicide. Across the world marches Fascism.  With devilish efficiency  it metes out brutality and slaughter. Its ruthless military machine is fodderede by fanatical… read more »

George Walford: The Transparent Mask of Marxism

Suggested by the paper by Peter Rollings entitled: THE FACES OF MARXISM AND WHAT THEY CONCEAL, presented to the Walsby Society in March 1975. The paper by Peter Rollings, THE FACES OF MARXISM AND WHAT THEY CONCEAL, has one quality in common with every serious political study. It leaves the reader feeling that however many… read more »