George Walford: Do It Your Damn Self

Descriptions of the future we are to expect from rapid development of technology – computers, silicon chins and so forth – tend to present it as a time in which everything will be done for us. The great problem is expected to be the large numbers of people with nothing to do. But have you… read more »

George Walford: A Bit of Gossip

After the second performance of Bach’s St. Matthew Passion in Berlin in 1829, there was a party for the performers. The wife of one of them, Therese Devrient, was sitting between Mendelssohn and a man who kept urging her to drink and showered her with inane and flirtatious compliments, until Therese, bored with his prattle,… read more »

George Walford: Sir Isaac’s Apple

When people first come into contact with systematic ideology they often draw attention to a discrepancy between the basic “model” put forward and the actual behaviour of the groups whose behaviour that model is to explain. Systematic ideology holds that the behaviour of each of the main political groups (Fascist, Conservative, Liberal, Labour, Communist, Anarchist)… read more »

George Walford: The Problem of Solutions

IC has received a paper announcing the establishment of Problems Researching Exchange (PRE). The aim of this project is “to provide a point of contact and focus for institutions, groups and individuals concerned with human problems and their solution” (If you would like to make contact, a note sent to IC will be forwarded). PRE… read more »