George Walford: Correction With Apologies

In 1979 George Walford published a book entitled Ideologies and Their Function. It took a number of the principal social activities and discussed the connections of each of them with one or another of the major ideologies. Military activity, production and fascism (including Nazism) were ascribed to the protostatic, and this has now been recognised… read more »

George Walford: Needs Under Dictatorship

Enthusiasts commonly claim to find support in the work of people who wrote with other intentions, and there is no good reason why IC should not join in the rush. Dictatorship over Needs, published in 1983, is written by Ferenc Feher, Agnes Heller and Gyorgy Markus, and published by Basil Blackwell, Oxford. It is an… read more »

George Walford: The Intelligence of the Anti-Intellectuals

In order to understand systematic ideology it is essential to grasp the distinction between intelligence and intellectuality (in the special sense in which this latter term is used in s.i. Here is some evidence confirming that such a distinction does exist. Nazism is the anti-intellectual political movement par excellence, but the IQs of the Nazi… read more »

George Walford: Power Belongs to the People

In 1936 Goering was instructed by Hitler to build up the German air force: But where was the money to come from to pay for the air force expansion? Goering went to Dr. Hjalmar Schacht, who was in charge of the Reich’s economic affairs, and asked that bossy and self-confident character for increased subventions. He… read more »

George Walford: The Abstraction of Economics

In The Dialectic of Demand it was shown that Aristotelian logic is not sufficient for the full comprehension of society or, therefore, for its effective control. Dialectic also was needed. This is not generally recognised, the attempt continues to be made to study society “scientifically” (which usually means on Aristotelian principles) in the expectation that… read more »

George Walford: How Exact is Eysenck?

People who try to understand why society behaves as it does are accustomed to being asked: “Why do you not pay more attention to Eysenck’s work?” The idea behind the question is usually that we ought to pay attention to Dr. Eysenck, more than to other psychologists who concern themselves with political and social behaviour,… read more »

Reconciliation Quarterly: Review of Ideologies and Their Function

This review of Ideologies and Their Functions appeared in Reconciliation Quarterly. Ideologies and Their Functions. George Walford, 1979. Obtainable from The Bookshop, [address] Price: £3.95 HB; £1.95 PB. An interesting book. One cannot help liking a book which begins by pointing out that “I am mad about my flat” means “I am delighted with my… read more »

George Walford: Political Individualism and Collectivism

The ideologist does not dispute the general opinion that the ideas of the Right are different from those of the Left, but he does add something to it. Right and Left, eidostatics and eidodynamics, not only have different ideas, they also have different ways of thinking. As Walsby phrases it, they differ not only in… read more »

George Walford: The Major Ideologies

Each of the major ideologies is capable of being expressed in relation to any field of existence, in relation to man, the natural World, the physical universe, the realm of ideas, and so on. In the field of abstract thought they appear as the different major philosophies (or classes of philosophies), and they can also… read more »