George Walford: The Intelligence of the Anti-Intellectuals

In order to understand systematic ideology it is essential to grasp the distinction between intelligence and intellectuality (in the special sense in which this latter term is used in s.i. Here is some evidence confirming that such a distinction does exist. Nazism is the anti-intellectual political movement par excellence, but the IQs of the Nazi leaders, measured on the American Wechsler-Bellevue Adult Intelligence Test at the Nuremberg Trials, shows them to have been an unusually intelligent group. (Those with an asterisk had their score ‘weighted’ to allow for age):

Hjalmar Schacht* 143
Arthur Seyss-Inquart* 141
Hermann Goering 138
Karl Doenitz 138
Franz von Papen* 134
Erich Raeder* 134
Dr.Hans Frank 130
Baldur von Schirach 130
Hans Fritsche 130
Joachim von Ribbentrop 129
Wilhelm Keitel 129
Albert Speer 128
Alfred Jodl 127
Alfred Rosenberg 127
Constantin von Neurath 125
Walther Funk 124
Wilhelm Frick 124
Rudolf Hess 120
Fritz Sauckel 118

(An average score is 90-110)
(Leonard Mosley, The Reich Marshall, 1974, p.331)

See also IQ Against Anarchism

from Ideological Commentary 11, March 1982.