George Walford: What’s a Dumpster?

Anarchism implies that we should all have independent facilities for expressing our own ideas, and as the zines come in we sometimes seem to be getting close to that. Disappointingly, the ideas in most anarchist journals turn out pretty much like those in most of the others, but the refreshing exceptions do turn up, one being DUMPSTER TIMES. Its writing is less formulaic than usual, it combines literature and original graphics with social comment, and reproduces relevant pieces from mainstream journalism.

One of these, by Dick Polman, notes the growing numbers who do not vote in US Presidential elections; the figure now stands at around 50%. Polman offers various explanations, but not the simplest one: that these large numbers find their lives satisfactory enough that they feel no need to take political action. DUMPSTER TIMES, edited by Wendy S. Dukes, [address]. $2 for a single issue, $10 for the annual 5 including one audio.

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GREENISTS demanding universal adoption of their own eidodynamic principles are trying to damage the ideological environment that supports greenism.

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OUGHTISM is the most rampant epidemic on the planet today, a disease of the oughtanomic nervous system in which the unfortunate victims oughtamatically do what others tell them they oughta do. If left untreated, oughtism can result in a total loss of the ability to think. The victim becomes a true oughtamaton and tries to justify life by saying: ‘But I was only following oughtas.’

From: Driving your own karma: Swami Beyondananda’s tour guide to enlightenment. Vermont: Destiny Books 1989. Sent in by John Rowan.

from Ideological Commentary 57, August 1992.