George Walford: The Future of IC

Of the promises made in the early days of IC at least one has been kept: that it would appear irregularly. Do you want to see it more frequently? This is more likely to happen if you send in material; either original work or relevant quotations (but please understand if we are not able to use it or to explain why not). One sort of contribution will (until further notice) certainly be printed: anything of up to 1,000 words defending the Socialist Party of Great Britain or expounding its case. We do, of course, reserve the right to reply.

If you have not been receiving IC but would like to do so, please write and tell us. There is at present no charge.

IC11 appeared in March 1982. Now (spotlight, fanfare, roll of drums, curtains open) IC12 comes to continue the series.

from Ideological Commentary 12, August 1984.