George Walford: Papers on Systematic Ideology

These papers all develop themes mentioned in this OUTLINE SKETCH. They can probably be obtained where you obtained this pamphlet; if not, then from the Walsby Society or from The Bookshop, [address]. They will be sent on request, but if you can enclose, for each paper required, two letterstamps, this will be helpful.

THE IDEOLOGY OF A MONUMENT. A Commentary on “The Monument. The Story of the Socialist Party of Great Britain,” by Robert Barltrop. (With some ideological remarks on the SPGB).

ROWAN-Walford Correspondence. (John Rowan, a Humanistic Psychologist, sent George Walford a paper entitled “The Internal Society,” with the jocular query as to how such an activity should be classified ideologically. The recipient, a heavy-minded type, chose to take the query seriously, and this is the resulting correspondence).

THE IDEOLOGY OF FREEDOM. A Commentary on “The Machinery of Freedom,” by David Friedman. (Mr. Friedman’s book is an exposition of the theory of Anarcho-Capitalism).

REPLY TO A SOCIALIST. (An ideologist replies to a letter from a Socialist saying that he feels bound to continue struggling against the present order of things, whether or not his struggles are successful).

THE IDEOLOGY OF ECOLOGY. A Commentary on “Manifesto for a Sustainable Society,” issued by The Ecology Party.

THE TRANSPARENT MASK OF MARXISM. (Notes on the relevance of ideology to the structure and functioning of the Marxist movement).

IN DEFENCE OF IDEOLOGY. (A reply to the charge that thinking affected by ideology is ipso facto invalidated).

THE ENDURING EIDOSTATICS (A demonstration that the eidostatic ideologies, and the groups identified with them, are necessary functional constituents of modern society).

NOTES ON THE IDEOLOGY OF ECONOMICS. Part One: Control of the Means of Production. (This paper sets out to show that common ownership and democratic control, and private ownership and autocratic control, of the means of production are not, as they are commonly assumed to be, mutually exclusive, but complementary).

THE DOMAIN OF IDEOLOGIES, by Harold Walsby. (This book is the fundamental work on systematic ideology. Arrangements are being made for it to be reprinted. Price not yet iixed).

If you would like to be kept informed of developments in systematic ideology, or of the meetings and other activities of The Walsby Society, please contact the source from which you obtained this pamphlet, or write to The Bookshop, [address].

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