Ideology of Freedom

George Walford: The Ideology of Freedom

This paper is mainly a commentary on David Friedmanā€˜s book The Machinery of Freedom. [1] Where it expands into comments on Anarcho-Capitalism (one name for the social system Mr.Friedman expounds) it is still based wholly on his book. I have heard a talk given by an Anarcho-Capitalist to the Walsby Society, but my recollections of… read more »

George Walford: Papers on Systematic Ideology

These papers all develop themes mentioned in this OUTLINE SKETCH. They can probably be obtained where you obtained this pamphlet; if not, then from the Walsby Society or from The Bookshop, [address]. They will be sent on request, but if you can enclose, for each paper required, two letterstamps, this will be helpful. THE IDEOLOGY… read more »

George Walford: Anarchy and an Anarch

From time to time we have discussed the group favouring extension of the principles and methods of the market. In IC 20 there was a piece entitled Friedman or Free Men? which discussed some of the ideas put forward by Milton Friedman, and in 1976 there was issued The Ideology of Freedom, a paper based… read more »

George Walford: The Capitalistic Anarchists

The anarchists often claim to be independent of one another, and at first sight they do seem to be if not wholly independent at least deeply divided, but their divisions have a way of disappearing on examination. One which at first sight may seem fundamental is between the orthodox (if I may use that term)… read more »