George Walford: IQ Against Anarchism

When trying to tell whether people support anarchism it doesn’t help a bit to know what accent they use, how they dress or were educated, how much money they have, whether they bear a title, own shares, run a business, work as labourers or in one of the professions. Neither does it help to know their I.Q. You can’t get much more anti-anarchist than the Nazi leaders, and many of them possessed exceptional intelligence. Measured at Nuremberg on the Wechsler-Bellevue Adult Intelligence Test, (the average figure goes around 100-10), they scored:

Hjalmar Schacht* 143
Arthur Seyss-Inquart* 141
Hermann Goering 138
Karl Doenitz 138
Franz von Papen* 134
Erich Raeder* 134
Dr.Hans Frank 130
Baldur von Schirach 130
Hans Fritsche 130
Joachim von Ribbentrop 129
Wilhelm Keitel 129
Albert Speer 128
Alfred Jodl 127
Alfred Rosenberg 127
Constantin von Neurath 125
Walther Funk 124
Wilhelm Frick 124
Rudolf Hess 120
Fritz Sauckel 118

The asterisks indicate scores weighted to allow for age.

Leonard Mosley 1974, The Reich Marshall Weidenfeld & Nicholson.

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