George Walford: Abolish Capitalism?

These quotations come from Freedom, the oldest anarchist journal:

The Western industrialized world has been purged of smallpox, malaria, tuberculosis and leprosy; its crop fertility has been quadrupled within this century; our urban poor rarely die of hunger. (Michael Duane 2 May 92)

The war of 1939-45 convinced [the capitalists] that wars were no longer profitable: The Cold War was the alternative which has proved very profitable to the Western powers and bankrupted the Soviet Union without a shot being fired between them, even by mistake, in nearly fifty years. (Editorial 27 June)

Modern technology not only is able to produce more and more but also with fewer and fewer workers / employees. (Editorial 27 June)

A government survey published earlier this month showed that almost two out of three men were taking early retirement (before the official retiring age of 65). It also showed that 70% of men had an occupational pension. (Editorial 27 June)

Modern industrial capitalism has won from its critics a certificate that it eliminates from the West some killer diseases, produces more food while requiring less work and offering greater security, and transforms war between super-powers from military to economic.

This we are to do away with?

– – –

Confirmation for the observation that attempts to suppress the drug traffic tend to foster it: the money President Noriega extorted from dealers had been acting as a tariff barrier; since his removal more drugs pass through Panama than ever before. [1] Decriminalisation of drug use may reasonably be expected to produce effects similar to those of repealing Prohibition. D. Boaz and M. Thornton both report that after repeal the murder rate decreased for 11 consecutive years. [2]

[1] E.N.Luttwak TLS 22 May
[2] Humane Studies Review Spring 1992

from Ideological Commentary 57, August 1992.