Richard Tatham

George Walford: Freud and Hegel

(This piece is reprinted from an early precursor of IC in the study of Harold Walsby’s theory of ideology: SCIENCE AND IDEOLOGY, edited by Richard Tatham, Nos. 2 and 3, 1948, the year after publication of The Domain of Ideologies. There are passages in it we would now express differently; in 1985 one cannot speak… read more »

Richard Tatham: The Importance of Evidence

In criticism of scientific matters (as distinct from, say, that of art, music, or drama) one is sure entitled to some evidence for opinions expressed. Mr. Freed, however, seems preoccupied with mere assertions, such as “it is very hard to pin down the author’s central theme,” “Mr. Walsby is often confused both as to his… read more »

Richard Tatham: Science and Anarchism

With reference to Harold Walsby’s Domain of Ideologies, a great part of your recent review is unfortunately irrelevant, since it cirticises contentions which the book does not in fact advance.  In the first place, your reviewer – George Woodcock – should note that it deals with ideologies and not – as he seems to think… read more »

Richard Tatham: Review of The Domain of Ideologies

The publication of Harold Walsby’s Domain of Ideologies raises certain acute and complex problems for those interested in the scientific discoveries set forth.  One’s first impulse is to describe it as one of the most significant contributions to the thought of our time.  In a number of ways it bears the stamp of genius, and… read more »

The Social Science Association Introduces Democratic Union

The Social Science Association Introduces Democratic Union Scientific ideology All-Party conception Political democracy Economic democracy Anti-fascism MASS PSYCHOLOGY The new scientific field WHEN the second world war broke out, it was the signal in the intellectual world for a tremendous rebirth of activity. There poured forth books and pamphlets on the world situation; social problems… read more »

Richard Tatham: Understanding the Mass Mind

  This pamphlet was issued under the title Science, Politics and the Masses in October 1944. It was republished without significant changes as Understanding the Mass Mind in May 1945. The quotes given here from “The Demos” by Harold Walsby make reference to an unpublished and lost manuscript.  Similar quotes can be found in Walsby’s… read more »