George Walford: The (Anarcho-) Socialist Party of Great Britain (40)

SOME BACKGROUND IC undertakes to print any statement of up to 1,000 words carrying the approval of this party, or one of its branches. Letters from individual members will appear if they are cogent, interesting and concise, and if space permits. If you want your letter to appear unedited or not at all, please say… read more »

Letters to the Editor from Jim Addison and Erik Grigg

Dear Editor, Is it a wise policy on your part to keep on calling the SPGB the (A-)SPGB? If you want co-operation you must do something positive. Karl Marx’s quarrel with the anarchists has affected the SPGB and other socialist parties ever since; why not acknowledge this? In your Introducing IC (Revision of May 1989),… read more »

George Walford: The Way to Say It

George Bernard Shaw was perhaps more successful as a character than as a thinker, but he did put the ideas and experiences of the socialist movement of his time with a clarity rare in political writing. He produced no full-dress autobiography but many fragments and contributions to biographies, and Stanley Weintraub assembled some of these… read more »

George Walford: Steam Engine Time (40)

Charles Fort [1] used to maintain that an idea would spread when its time had come, and although truistic the idea is difficult to resist when one finds what seem at first glance to be partial accounts of systematic ideology appearing incidentally in books on other subjects. The present example occurs in The Greening of… read more »

George Walford: Ideology Beyond Politics

In IC39, under the title From Politics to Ideology, we saw that each of the main-sequence political movements behaves as it does because of the assumptions its members have in common. It is not only in politics that the assumptions made determine the course of behaviour followed. Every step we take depends upon the assumption… read more »

George Walford: Wildcat Strikes Again

Under this title, Freedom Press has issued a new collection of Donald Rooum’s cartoons. Anarchist journals set out to be provocative and FREEDOM succeeds with the best of them, but even there the arrows that plunge deep into the bull’s-eye, month after month, come from Donald Rooum and his hair-trigger feline. Everybody who has been… read more »

George Walford: Editorial Notes (40)

WORK Is it good or bad? On the one hand, worries about unemployment, and cries of triumph at having got more people back to work. On the other, a report that since 1979 the increasing productivity of car factories has enabled them almost to halve the number of people employed to 289,000 – and that,… read more »

George Walford: Introducing Ideological Commentary (40)

Revision of May 1989 IDEOLOGICAL COMMENTARY is devoted to the development and exposition of systematic ideology, a theory originated and largely developed by the late Harold Walsby. We do not claim final or exhaustive understanding of it; the formulation that looked like the ultimate last month needs alteration now, and the partial account given here… read more »

George Walford: Editorial Notes (30)

TO INTENDING CONTRIBUTORS IC is not an academic journal and we do not need to support a claim to academic status by flying the tribal recognition symbols. We can use English instead of sociologese or litcritican. When tempted to relax with “heuristic,” “semiotic,” “deconstruction,” “discourse” (in the academic sense), “problematic” and the others, the effort… read more »