George Walford: An Unaccepted Invitation

In IC12, which was issued in August 1984, there was an invitation to the “Socialist” Party to counter our attacks on them: One sort of contribution will (until further notice) certainly be printed: anything of up to 1,000 words defending the Socialist Party of Great Britain or expounding its case. We do, of course, reserve… read more »

George Walford – Socialism and "Socialism"

In IC14 we spoke of the Socialist Party of Great Britain and the anarchists as being less different from one another than each of them likes to think; we showed reason to believe that they both express the same , major ideology, that those calling themselves the Socialist Party of Great Britain would be better… read more »

Harold Walsby: A Ballade of the SPGB

(If sung, it goes to the tune of On Top of Old Smoky) Now come all you workers And gather around; For here is a theory. To keep your feet on the ground. The theory is simple: It gives us the key To the actions of people Throughout history. All metaphysical notions of Society Based… read more »

George Walford: Egos and Their Own

In 1845, in Bayreuth, Johann Kaspar Schmidt published a book. Why should this interest IC? Because he used the pseudonym “Max Stirner” and the book was Der Einziger and sein Eigentum, appearing in English as The Ego and his Own; the Case of the Individual Against Authority. The copy in front of us has been… read more »

George Walford: New Ideas

New ideas are still coming up, and are still being slapped right back down again. A maverick named Rupert Sheldrake has published a book entitled A New Science of Life; the Hypothesis of Formative Causation. According to a reviewer in TLS: The most grotesque of Sheldrake’s proposed experiments is to check whether rats in one… read more »

George Walford: Beyond the Beyond

One of the concepts of linguistic theory is the meta-language. If a statement is made about a language, that statement (this concept suggests) is not itself in that language, however much it may appear to be so. It cannot be because if it were in that language, it could not be about it, it cannot… read more »

George Walford: The Enduring Base (3)

Supernatural Powers: “When I wrote Chinese Looking Glass, certain superficial critics in England sneered at me for suggesting that superstitious belief and religious custom had survived Communism in China itself. The Chinese Communists, being rather better acquainted with the subject, have repeatedly admitted that the supernatural has been among their most stubborn ideological foes.” (Dennis… read more »

George Walford: The End of Work (3)

In IC15 there appeared an article entitled THE END OF WORK. It brought forward evidence, and reasoning against the orthodox view that people generally need work if they are to enjoy a full life. Folklore, psychoanalysis, history and literature all indicate that the natural, inborn, inherent inclination is rather away from work than toward it,… read more »

George Walford: Editorial Notes

ANNOUNCEMENT: We have written to the Socialist Party of Great Britain inviting them to debate the question: IS CAPITALISM BETTER THAN SOCIALISM? (Readers of IC will recall the very special senses in which this party uses those words). It is hoped to hold the debate during the latter. of April in a convenient location near… read more »

George Walford: New Readers Start Here (17)

Ideological Commentary announces itself as “an independent journal of systematic ideology,” but we do not claim final knowledge of this theory; the formulation that looked like the ultimate last month needs alteration now, and the account given here will be subject to continuous revision. The theory was created and largely developed by the late Harold… read more »