George Walford: Reform the Reformers

The Americans seem to have halted the deterioration of their inner cities; New York had been a particularly troublesome case. But whether they have managed to cure the trouble, or only to suppress the symptoms, remains to be seen. They still have tension between white and black (as we have in Britain also). Previous waves… read more »

George Walford: Up With Censorship

“A censorship-free social environment would not be a social environment at all, it would be a maniac’s nightmare.” Sir Edmund Leach, quoted by M. I. Finley in TLS July 1977. from Ideological Commentary 12, August 1984.

George Walford: Oedipus, Come Home

OEDIPUS, ALL IS FORGIVEN; COME HOME – MOTHER. OVER MY DEAD BODY – FATHER. Following the classical pattern of rebellion against the father-figure some of the more enterprising people with serious interest in psycho-analysis are questioning the bases of Freud’s work. When starting on psycho-analysis Freud found a surprisingly high number of his female patients… read more »

George Walford: Do You Sincerely Want to be Poor?

By one standard definition the poor are those who have to work for a living. In a socialist society everybody would have to work for a living. So, if you sincerely want to be poor… from Ideological Commentary 12, August 1984.

George Walford: On Control

Does the government control society? Not: Can Mrs. Thatcher beat the miners? but: Does any government control any society? In one sense, yes: decisions are made by the government with which the society complies. Examples of this are the exact rate at which taxation shall be levied and the precise date on which a new… read more »

George Walford: Local Boy Makes Good

A main theme of systematic ideology is that the major ideologies form a determinate series, in the sense that the people who move along the range develop the successive ideologies in a predictable order. But in doing this they do not abandon the earlier ones; these are, so to speak, carried along with them so… read more »

George Walford: Systematic Ideology

In ordinary and academic usage ‘ideology’ refers to a system of ideas adopted or set up in furtherance of some interest, usually the interest of a social group playing or believed to be playing a political role. It is a conception which minimises the significance of ideology and the importance of ideological study. If an… read more »

George Walford: Up With Prejudice

IC shuns impartiality, holding that it can never be realised; to attempt to exhibit it is to display a partiality for impartiality. The five p’s go together – prejudice, partiality and preference produce all progress – and the object of IC is to promote the view of ideology which derives from the work of the… read more »