Destutt de Tracy

George Walford: The Ideology of the Material

Destutt de Tracy introduced ‘ideology’ (in the French form) in 1796, but applied it only to the study of ideas in the straightforward sense. In the 1840s Marx and Engels introduced a new level of complexity, using the word to indicate a system of ideas which can affect people without their knowledge. They recognised only… read more »

Lev Chernyi: Review of Beyond Politics and Angles on Anarchism

From Anarchy, a Journal of Desire Armed, No. 31. The concept of ideology has fairly recent origins. The word was coined by the French writer A. L. C. Destutt de Tracy in 1796 to name his ‘science of ideas.’ Since that time use of the term has been divided between two general senses, one positive… read more »

Zvi Lamm: Ideologies in a Hierarchal Order

The article which follows is reprinted (slightly edited) with permission from Science and Public Policy, February 1984. The author is Zvi Lamm, MA, PhD, of the School of Education, Hebrew University of Jerusalem. – GW Professor Zvi Lamm served in the British Army in Europe (1943 – 46) and with the Israeli Defence Forces (1950… read more »

Universum: Review of The Domain of Ideologies

From Universum – Populair Wetenschappeluk Maandblad #3, 20 March 1949 De ideologie (de leer der ide├źn) is een uit Frankrijk afkomstige richting in de wijsbegeerte (Voltaire, Destutt de Tracy. Cabanis), die zich bezig houdt met de psychologische analyse en de vorming der idee en. Ze verwerpt bet bovenna-tuurlijke, baseert zich op psychologie en anthropologie en… read more »

Plugging the Gap: a Review of George Walford’s Beyond Politics by George Hay

This review first appeared in Science & Public Policy Volume 17 Number 5, October 1990. Systematic ideology has been defined as “the ideology of ideology.” That this definition was provided, not by George Walford, but by an early reader of his book, Thelma Shinn, of the State University of Arizona, supports Mr. Walford’s contention that… read more »