George Walford: The Annual Harold Walsby Memorial Lecture for 1980

We propose that the Annual Harold Walsby Lecture for 1980 be an exposition of the theory, originated and largely developed by Harold Walsby, now known as systematic ideology, or of some aspect of that theory, as the lecturer may choose.

We propose that Peter Shepherd, who is a lecturer by profession, who has already given one course of lectures on ideology which was open to the public, and who has done most of the work in organising the Annual Memorial Lectures from their inception, be invited to deliver this Lecture.

We propose that if any arrangements have already been made for this Lecture they be cancelled in favour of those above. There is ample time to do this.

I. Benjamin
G. Clark
R. Eggleston
N. Nesbit
J. Pizer
C. Sprague
G. Walford

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G. Walford

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I oppose the above proposals