George Walford: Subscriptions

Readers who think IC worth paying for are invited to subscribe. The standard annual subscription is £5; smaller amounts at your discretion. Subscribers will receive six issues, normally covering twelve months. Subscriptions paid during 1988 will remain valid until each subscriber has received six issues. If your name on the envelope is followed by “X” this shows your current subscription has been paid.

We intend, for as long as it remains practical, to continue sending IC when no subscription has been paid, particularly to readers who have demonstrated interest by responding with criticism, comment or contributions, and of course to the (A-)SPGB.

All back issues from No. 1 (October 1979) are still available (the early issues smaller and thinner than the later, and less elegantly presented). Complete set £10 pf.

from Ideological Commentary 37, September 1989.