George Walford: Publications on Systematic Ideology (57)

THE DOMAIN OF IDEOLOGIES; a study of the origin, development and structure of ideologies. By Harold Walsby. Glasgow: Wm. McLellan in Collaboration with the Social Science Association 1947.
The foundation document of the study now known as systematic ideology. Familiarity with the D of I is essential for a thorough grasp of the theory and the changes it has undergone since inception. The book has long been out of print, but loose-sheet photocopies (two pages on one A4 sheet) are now available.
160 pages £12 $20

BEYOND POLITICS; an outline of systematic ideology. By George Walford. London: Calabria Press 1990 160 pages £2.95 $5
‘(this) theory is one of the most important and interesting in its field… its solution to the problem of the point of view from which one discusses ideology is embedded within the theory itself… written lucidly.’ (Zvi Lamm, Hebrew University of Jerusalem) ‘The lucid, witty style is a delight in itself. And it makes you think.’ (Freedom, the anarchist fortnightly).

. By George Walford, with a contribution by Peter Cadogan. London: Calabria Press 1991
70 pages £2 $4
Consists mainly of articles which have appeared in the anarchist journals Freedom, Raven and Bulletin of Anarchist Research, in Ethical Record or IC. Most have been revised, some extensively.

IDEOLOGICAL COMMENTARY; an independent quarterly of systematic ideology. Annual subscription £2 $5
All back issues from No. 1 (October 1979) available, two of them in photocopy. The early ones smaller, thinner and less elegant than the later. The set £15 $45

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from Ideological Commentary 57, August 1992.