George Walford: Letter to the Socialist Standard

We have had members of this party saying that instead of circulating our criticisms we should put them in a letter to the Socialist Standard, where they would be answered. The editors of that journal have other ideas. We keep trying, but in future letters sent them will appear here. This one was sent them on 5 June 85)

Dear Editors,
In the Socialist Standard for June 1985 appears an illustration of a young couple which is captioned “Living off our backs.” The implication is clear; these are capitalists. And how do we know this? Because he is wearing morning dress and she a big flowered hat; capitalist uniform. There is nothing else to indicate their class position.

But the accompanying article tells us: “Class is not a question of how you speak or dress.”

IC has long been pointing out that on the big issues the “Socialist” Party stands firmly on both sides, consistently denying what it says. It does the same thing on this smaller subject. When we ask the party whether costume indicates class position the Socialist Standard boldly answers “Yes!” and “No!”

Yours etc.

from Ideological Commentary 19, July 1985.