George Walford: Invitation to Subscribe

Readers of IC who would like to subscribe are invited to do so. The standard subscription for 1988 is £5, and new standard subscribers during the year will receive the six issues for 1988.

Smaller subscriptions for 1988 are also welcome; on these, delivery will start with the current issue.

We intend to continue sending IC when no subscription has been paid, particularly to readers who, by responding with criticism, comment or contributions, show themselves interested, and of course to the (A-)SPGB.

Back issues from No. 1 (October 1979) are still available. (The early issues are smaller and thinner than the later and less elegantly presented). Complete set £10 pf.

We reserve the right to refuse any subscription, or to terminate one accepted, without explanation. On termination, the total subscription paid for the year will be refunded.

If your name on the envelope is followed by “X” this shows that your current subscription has been paid.

from Ideological Commentary 36, November 1988.