George Walford: Factsheet Five


Factsheet Five is like a giraffe; you look at it, and you still don’t believe it. It gives title, address, subscription details and a note on contents, for over eight hundred amateur or off-beat magazines. (In their enthusiasm for squeezing in just one more they call them “zines”). And that’s just for starters. There are reviews of music zines, of poetry (including Evil and other Safe Lubricants), of tapes, books and videos. There are also cartoons; have you met the Sampsons? They feed their tumour – it’s almost a year old – every day.

You probably don’t believe all this anyway, so the adjoining column reprints part of one of their columns. There are 140 pages plus covers (also closely printed) and ten (only ten!) International Reply Coupons will bring you a specimen copy:

Mike Gunderloy

from Ideological Commentary 50, March 1991.