George Walford: Doing the Splits (60)

Under this title IC reports instances of the divisiveness of the eidodynamics. This feature contrasts with the emphasis on loyalty, faith in the leader and ‘don’t rock the boat’ displayed by the eidostatics.

NOTING the difficulties of the government, Michael Jones remarked that the Labour MPs should be cheerful: ‘But they are not, because the knives are out. Wearying of frontal but futile assault on the government, Labour is resorting to its first love – internecine warfare.’ Tribune having condemned all but two of the leaders, blaming them for the party’s loss of faith and direction, ‘We may be treated to another entertaining summer of Labour backbiting after all.’ [Sunday Times, 28 March 1993]


Freedom (17 April) reports a split in the Class War Federation, with both factions claiming the group name (It also remarks that ‘Splits are regrettable, of course, but not necessarily harmful.’)

In the same issue, an article entitled ‘Anarchism and Organisation’ includes this: ‘Chanting ‘mutual aid’ is the equivalent of singing hymns in church when it just conceals our tragic flaw – that we can’t co-operate.’

This cartoon, by Donald Rooum, is also from Freedom, an earlier issue:

Donald Rooum 'Wildcat' in Ideological Commentary 60

from Ideological Commentary Number 60, May 1993.