George Walford: Addition to News and Notes

MEMORIAL LECTURE FOR 1980. A circular was recently sent to Supporters asking for their reactions to the proposal that George Walford be invited to deliver the Annual Harold Walsby Memorial Lecture for 1980. All replies supported the proposal, except one. That one reply questioned the “cost-effectiveness” of these Lectures and suggested alternatives.

The Walsby Society operates on the principle that any Supporters who believe that a certain activity should be undertaken are free to undertake it. The Society has no organisation or structure which might either help or hinder them. It is up to them to decide whether there is enough support to make the activity feasible. It is also up to them to provide all the resources needed; the Society has neither funds, premises nor equipment. A letter has been sent to the Supporter who made the above proposals, saying that if he will formulate them and supply the needed number of copies they will be forwarded to Supporters, who can then respond if they choose to do so.

Those who sent out the circular believe that in 1980 another Memorial Meeting should be held, of the same type as those held in the past but directed to Walsby’s work. They are satisfied that there is sufficient support to make this feasible, and they undertake to see that the expenses are met. They were friends of the late Harold Walsby and regard these Memorial Meetings not only as a contribution to the work of the Society but also as a personal tribute to his memory.

Accordingly, on behalf of those who supported the proposal made in the circular, George Walford has been invited to deliver the Memorial Lecture for 1980, and has agreed to do so. The subject provisionally chosen is THE IDEOLOGY OF TERRORISM.

from Ideological Commentary 1, October 1979.