Chris Anthony: Letter

On the piece HOMO? HOMA? HOMESS? in IC30: Whatever the readers of IC may suggest it seems likely that homo sapiens, old- fashioned and mannered to modern ears, will soon go into the trash-can, to be replaced by a trendy new phrase that includes females. Changing words to include both sexes is becoming commoner. Why? Because of the women’s movement? Yes, under the guise of equality it can be seen as a necessary prop of male domination providing a sop to women, especially the extra hard-working, ambitious ones who sometimes get admitted to powerless positions of importance. Mrs. Thatcher is the prime example, where everything that matters (to men) is decided all the way down the line by a virtually all-male government. Changing words doesn’t alter anything. People of both sexes can be deceived into believing that it does, but to-morrow we will still be living in the same old male-dominated world, where the level of domination is kept topped up automatically by a multitude of tiny changes that escape the notice of most of us.

Not a conscious conspiracy, just the way it works, with both halves of the population assisting in the suppression of the female half.

Chris Anthony

– – –

WE RECENTLY met a Christian Atheist. Impossible? No, not if you hold that Christ was wholly human, worthy of emulation but no more divine than anybody else.

from Ideological Commentary 31, January 1988.