John Rowan: Conduct at the Level of the Ideology of Ideologies

Principle 1: Just as in systematic ideology the lower levels remain, no matter how high the higher levels develop; just as in psychology the unconscious far outweighs the conscious, not matter how much the conscious develops; just as the lower centres of consciousness are composed of more cells than the higher centres, no matter how… read more » Copyright Notice

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Justine Doody: The Concept of a Free Press in an Eidostatic Society

Winner, 2004 George Walford International Essay Prize.   The notion of the freedom of the press is central to the Western understanding of what constitutes freedom in today’s world. US Supreme Court Justice Powell has referred to the role of the press as “enabling the public to assert meaningful control over the political process.” [i]… read more »

Trevor Blake: timeline

The George Walford International Essay Prize (offering £3,500 each year for the winner to spend at the college and on the course of the winner’s choice) has been online since the early 1990s.  Here are some memos and milestones made along the way. November 2021: Beyond Politics by George Walford published in a new edition…. read more »

George Walford International Essay Prize Rules

The George Walford International Essay Prize (2000 – 2022) has concluded. Thank you to all who have participated. No further Prizes are to be awarded, no further essays are to be considered for the Prize. INTRODUCTION Rule Precedence The rules for the George Walford International Essay Prize (GWIEP) listed here replace any and all prior… read more »