Absolute Union: Total Union Now!

Total Union Now!



In this supreme crisis of the world, a new and movement is fast arising.

It not only voices the grim resolve that the foul disease of Fascism must be wiped from the face of the earth; it represents the solid concrete fact that to really down to the job of destroying Fascism, we must without delay organise Democracy on total lines.

The Absolute Union not only says this, but does it. Throughout the land the Absolute Union is active, organising, binding the people of Britain into a TOTAL UNION of all Democratic political creeds.

The Absolute Union stands, not for a list of pie-crust promises, or some vague Utopia, but for a strong, virile TOTAL DEMOCRACY here and now-based on humanity and justice for all without fear or favour.

For this great task we need a new spirit to weld us together. We need the fighting crusading spirit of the ABSOLUTE UNION.


(1) That whatever happens, no matter the cost, Fascism must be totally and utterly destroyed.
(2) That in order to completely defeat Fascism we must fight a TOTAL WAR in every possible sphere.
(3) That to wage TOTAL WAR we must be totally organised. The entire economic and political life of the Nation must be taken out of the hands of sectional vested interests, profiteers and corrupt grafters, and in the name of the People put under the direct control of the State.
(4) That in order to be totally organised in ACTION (in the economic-military sphere) we must first be totally organised in SPIRIT (in the political sphere).
(5) That total organisation in the political sphere means a TOTAL UNION of all Democratic political creeds – not merely in theory, but in FACT.


Total union involves the end of the outworn party system of government as we now know it, with its endless promises, its graft and corruption, its lack of decisive action, and pandering to vested interests. But while it means an end to the present system where one party gains power and governs in its own interests, it cannot mean the end of political parties. That would be Fascism. How, then, are we to have total organisation and yet retain Democracy ?

It means that all political parties which stand for the Democratic way of life must be subject to a TOTAL UNION of them all. Each creed must be part of a higher organisation, a super-political union which represents their fundamental common interest – i.e., Democracy. It means therefore a development of the party system, a development of Democracy itself. For all parties are then represented in the government of the Nation. The interests of Democracy will then come before those of party, and the interests of the community will then come before private interests.

This TOTAL DEMOCRACY is the inevitable outcome of the present partial Democracy.


Democracy is that way of life which encourages freedom of thought and action.

Hitherto it has been presumed that this freedom of thought and action should be indiscriminate; that it should be accorded to all and sundry, including even those whose avowed aim is to destroy Democracy. Fascism came into being, was was nurtured and grew from strength to strength upon this false conception.

Democracy was so indiscriminate in its tolerance that it actually tolerated and encouraged that which was to destroy tolerance. It tolerated slums, poverty, destitution, unemployment, exploitation, sweated labour, colossal waste, graft, profiteering, corruption, vested interests it tolerated things which were not democratic. In a word, it tolerated economic intolerance.

Instead of getting rid of these things, many thought them inseparable from the Democratic system; they therefore sought to get rid of Democracy, and so turned to Fascism. From economic intolerance grew political intolerance.

Democracy thus promoted and encouraged its own destruction. Fascism was bred from this false Democracy – false because it is not true to itself; false because it stands for its own doom; because it tolerates economic and political intolerance.

Now we know better. No longer must Democracy be indiscriminate; no longer must Democracy be extended to those who would destroy it. True Democracy must be totally tolerant of all who adhere to the Democratic way of life, but it must be totally intolerant of all who would destroy freedom of thought and action. Democracy must be intolerant of intolerance, politically and economically.

This is the new conception of Democracy; it is the New Democracy; it is a TOTAL DEMOCRACY.

Total Democracy may be divided into two parts : political democracy and economic democracy. By “economic democracy ” we mean the freedom of action or labor – the right to work according to ability. Political democracy is the freedom to speak and take part according to ability in the process of government. Economic democracy is the freedom to work and take part according to ability in the process of production. The one is freedom of thought and the other freedom of action. Total or Absolute Democracy is therefore the unity of both political and economic democracy.

Economic democracy requires absolute State control of t.ll industry ; for it cannot be considered democratic if sectional and private interests dictate whether, how, and under what conditions you shall work and live. If absolute political democracy exists at the same time, then the State represents the whole people, This is truly government of the people, by the people, for the people. It is Absolute Democracy.

The ABSOLUTE UNION OF DEMOCRACY is a super-political union of Conservatives, Liberals, Socialists, and non-party Independents, who demand TOTAL UNION now – unity in ACTION as well as in theory. All the major political parties are therefore represented, nd each retains its identity within the limited only by the subjection of its own interests to those of the whole. Each contributes its own elected representative to the Union, both supreme and over by non-party chairmen.

The ABSOLUTE UNION is pledges to (a) organise, regenerate and totally unite in thought and action the Democratic principle of this Nation for the purpose of (b) rooting out Fascism and its allies wherever they may appear, ABROAD AND AT HOME, in order that the British people can complete their historic mission and (c) establish an ABSOLUTE DEMOCRACY throughout the world – that is to say, an economic as well as a political democracy – a Democracy in practice as well as in theory, where unemployment, destitution, slums, vested interests and exploitation no longer exist.



Fill up the Membership Form enclosed, and either hand to a representative of the ABSOLUTE UNION, or forward to: ABSOLUTE UNION ([address]).

Remember that whether you are Conservative, Liberal, Socialist or Communist, so long as you realise the urgent need for all Democrats to let together in a TOTAL UNION, it is your duty to sign this form.

Retain this pamphlet, so that others may read our message.

Printed by Robert Stockwell, [address]

No date, circa 1940s.