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George Walford: Beyond Politics Advertisement (49)

BEYOND POLITICS An outline of systematic ideology by George Walford 160 pages Paperback £2.95 Clothbound £9.95 For subscribers to IC and members of the (A-)SPGB paperback price is £1.95 BEYOND POLITICS shows that the influence of ideology extends beyond political parties and movements. In all our purposeful activities, whether playing with the children, practising a… read more »

George Walford: How Much is New?

We have commented before on the way themes of s.i. appear in the writings of people who had not heard of it. In IC29 we gave a quotation from Cardinal Newman that brought out neatly some of the distinctions between the ideologies of expedience and of domination. The following quotation comes from “Conflicting Theories of… read more »

John Rowan and George Walford: Counselling Research, an Ideological Study

The paper which was delivered to the Fourth Annual Conference of the Counselling Psychology Section of the British Psychological Society, held at Regent’s College, London, 18-19 September 1986. Does counselling work? This question matters to everybody who might spend time or money on counselling, and it seems at first sight to be a matter of… read more »

Zvi Lamm: Ideology in Education

(A talk given by Dr. Zvi Lamm,of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, in Highgate, London, on Thursday 28th March, 1985. This talk was delivered informally and at short notice; here it has undergone the editing called for by the transition from speech to writing). My concern with ideology began many years ago, and for some… read more »

George Walford: Ideology as Self-Determined

A paper delivered at the Second International Conference on Ideology, Bureaucracy and Human Survival, New York. This paper draws attention to the theory formulated by Harold Walsby, an early student of ideology whose results have been almost completely overlooked. Walsby was working on ideology from 1937 until 1947, when he published a book entitled The… read more »

Dr. Zvi Lamm: Encounter in Autumn

I described the factual side of my encounter with George elsewhere (see my Ideologies in an Hierarchical Order in Science and Public Policy, vol. 11, No.1, pp. 40 -46), but I made no mention there of my impressions of that encounter. I live in a country in which ideology has for many years not been… read more »

Alan Bula, Donald Rooum, John Rowan, Bob Black: Letters

TERMINOLOGICAL EXACTITUDE Sir, Having read Beyond Politics I agree with Zvi Lamm and Freedom that it is lucid, an invisible quality complemented by its almost stark black, white and yellow physical presence. All this, combined with the unfashionably theoretical nature of the subject, made the book a delight to read. Yet, as I neared the… read more »