Understanding the Mass Mind

The Social Science Association Introduces Democratic Union

The Social Science Association Introduces Democratic Union Scientific ideology All-Party conception Political democracy Economic democracy Anti-fascism MASS PSYCHOLOGY The new scientific field WHEN the second world war broke out, it was the signal in the intellectual world for a tremendous rebirth of activity. There poured forth books and pamphlets on the world situation; social problems… read more »

George Gook: George Walford Memorial

  George Walford has been a friend for almost fifty years. We first met early in 1946 at what was, I believe, the first public meeting of the Social Science Association. The founder of this organisation had published a number of cheap booklets, or pamphlets, on such subjects as The Atom Bomb, The Mass Mind,… read more »

Social Science Association: You and the SSA

YOU AND THE S.S.A. New Growth and Interest As a result of the activity of the S.S.A., interest in the socio-political side of human nature, particularly in the scientific study of ideology and in ideological research, is growing steadily among the more enlightened sections of the community. Consequent upon this new interest me SSA finds… read more »