The Monument

George Walford: Breakaway!

SPANNER, a New Journal for New Thinking Issue No. 1 [address], 52 pages, occasional illustrations, £1 SPANNER claims to be A New Journal for New Thinking; the list of contents runs: The Green Wave, Common Ownership, That Frame of Mind (discussing the principles of a socialist society), Neo-Connectionism (on artificial intelligence), The Road to Socialism, Standing… read more »

George Walford: Socialist Understanding

The Socialist party of Great Britain (not to be confused with the Labour Party) is a small organization to the left of Left. It holds that modern industrial society is divided into two classes, a large working class the produces but not but does not possess, a small capitalist class the possesses but does not… read more »

Ellis Hillman: Information Wanted

I am currently preparing a paper on the life and ideals of Harry Martin, one of the founders of the Socialist Party of Great Britain. He is referred to in Robert Barltrop’s colourful history of the SPGB, The Monument (Pluto Press 1975) on five separate pages. Harry Martin was the first (and last?) prophet of… read more »

George Walford: The (Anarcho-) Socialist Party of Great Britain (23)

THE GOOD AND THE BAD It is tempting in politics to see things in stark black and white terms: if a regime is obviously “bad” then those who oppose it are necessarily “good.” This tendency to reduce complex situations to simplistic terms has nowhere been more evident in recent times than in the Philippines: Marcos… read more »

George Walford – Work in Progress: The SPGB (Part I)

Newcomers to systematic ideology are often surprised at the amount of attention paid to the Socialist Party of Great Britain (SPGB). One reason for it is that in this organisation we find fully developed, set out ready for our inspection, the tendencies (in the jargon of s.i. the “eidodynamic” tendencies) which characterise the Left. One… read more »

Trevor Blake: Fire Over Europe

On 1 October 1942, the Absolute Union of Democracy held a public meeting titled Fire Over Europe.    It could be these two undated photographs give a flavor of what Fire Over Europe might have looked like. The Absolute Union of Democracy published books and handbills including Crusade or Suicide!, Unity and Tolerance and Total… read more »

George Walford: The Ideology of a Monument

This sheet and the enclosure concern The Walsby Society. It is a society which has no members. Those who attend its meetings, or read its leaflets, do so for the purpose of opposing speaker, author, and each other. Where other societies, groups and organisations have members or supporters, the Walsby Society has OPPONENTS. So: Dear… read more »