Socialist Understanding

George Walford: Socialist Understanding

The Socialist party of Great Britain (not to be confused with the Labour Party) is a small organization to the left of Left. It holds that modern industrial society is divided into two classes, a large working class the produces but not but does not possess, a small capitalist class the possesses but does not… read more »

Socialist Party of Great Britain: Getting Splinters

Reprinted from here with the kind permission of the Socialist Party of Great Britain under the Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs copyright license. The group that formed around Harold Walsby and his ideas probably represents the most unusual breakaway from the Socialist Party in its entire history. During the Second World War this group developed a fascination… read more »

George Walford: Just Issued

JUST ISSUED: SOCIALIST UNDERSTANDING A Study of the Thinking of the Socialist Party of Great Britain Available (20p including postage) from [address] from Ideological Commentary 8, November 1980.