Mugwump and Moonshine

Harold Walsby: Walsby Answers Walsby

Using a copy supplied by Ellis Hillman, IC28 reprinted from the Socialist Leader (journal of the Independent Labour Party) of 1950 a reply by Harold Walsby to two members of the (A-)SPGB who had used the pseudonym “Philoren.” On 4 March 1950 another pseudonym joined in: a letter criticising what Walsby had said came from… read more »

Harold Walsby: Mugwump and Moonshine

To the Editors, “Socialist Standard” Dear Comrades: Your very belated review in the Socialist Standard (April 1949) of my book, The Domain of Ideologies, unlike your reviewer’s appraisal of the latter, is certainly not disappointing – though, no doubt, it was fervently intended to be so. It comes fully up to expectations and, so far… read more »

George Walford and the Socialist Party of Great Britain: IC vs SP

WILL THE WORKING CLASS SUPPORT THE SOCIALIST PARTY OF GREAT BRITAIN? A Written Debate Between George Walford (Editor of Ideological Commentary) and The Socialist Party of Great Britain Introducing the Participants Opening Statement by George Walford Reply by the Socialist Party of Great Britain Answer to the Reply by George Walford Note by George Walford… read more »