Margaret Chisman

PSI Circular Number Two (February 1979)

Two copies of this Circular are sent you; please pass one copy on. PAY OF OR ELSE: Future issues of this Circular will be sent to all PSI Supporters. If you are not a Supporter and wish to receive it please send £1 for one year. Otherwise we may send it you or we may… read more »

PSI Circular Number One (January 1979)

Coming Attractions PSI Open Meeting: Friday Jan 12 at [address] for 8.00. COLIN FRY, Co-Ordinator of the Environment Information Group, will speak on AN APPROACH TO THE SYSTEMATIC ANALYSIS OF ECOLOGICAL IDEOLOGY. Mensa Think-In: On Thursday 8 February at 8.00 pm George Walford will speak at the National Liberal Club, [address] on THE POWER OF… read more »

George Walford: NIAT (56)

IC maintains that Nothing is Absolutely True. The Shorter Oxford gives several meanings for ‘absolute,’ all deriving from the root meaning of detached or disengaged; in religion, for example, absolution detaches from sin. The most explicit of these is the one numbered IV.3: ‘Existing without relation to any other being; self-existent’ and (in the attached… read more »

George Walford: Editorial Notes (56)

UNITED Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation predicts that population will rise from five billion to eight billion by A.D.2020. IS BORIS GOOD ENOUGH? Under this headline Norman Stone recalls that when the tanks stormed into Moscow they stopped at red traffic lights. Memory adds that when the Parisian Communards wanted to open the bank vaults… read more »

George Walford: Editorial Notes (50)

‘MORE recently, historians have tended to see the [English] Revolution [of 1640] in terms less of horizontal divisions between classes and more of vertical divisions, cultural and ideological, running through all strata of society.” (John Miller, TLS 14 December) REVIEWING The New Cambridge History of India Vol IV Pt 1, by Paul R. Brass, Geoffrey… read more »