Ideologies and their Functions

Zvi Lamm: Ideology in Education

(A talk given by Dr. Zvi Lamm,of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, in Highgate, London, on Thursday 28th March, 1985. This talk was delivered informally and at short notice; here it has undergone the editing called for by the transition from speech to writing). My concern with ideology began many years ago, and for some… read more »

George Walford: Military Ideology

In Ideologies & their Functions, on pages 59-401, attention is drawn to certain features of the behaviour of an army. It has now been pointed out (by Geoffrey Clark) that Captain Liddell Hart, one of the foremost military theoreticians, has made statements which go far to support the view there taken. The following passages are… read more »

George Walford: Eidodynamic Conflicts

One conclusion toward which s.i. points is that the Political individualism associated with the eidodynamic has the result that the eidodynamic professions, (psycho-analysis for example), tend to be, unlike the eidostatic ones (physical science for example), areas of continuing intellectual conflict. Consider these remarks on the psycho-analytic theory of Jacques Lacan (a leading French analyst)… read more »

Reconciliation Quarterly: Review of Ideologies and Their Function

This review of Ideologies and Their Functions appeared in Reconciliation Quarterly. Ideologies and Their Functions. George Walford, 1979. Obtainable from The Bookshop, [address] Price: £3.95 HB; £1.95 PB. An interesting book. One cannot help liking a book which begins by pointing out that “I am mad about my flat” means “I am delighted with my… read more »

John Woodcock: Evolution and Ideology

This paper is intended to show that certain evolutionary phenomena appear to support s.i. I take as a starting-point the assumption made in Ideologies and Their Functions (page 29) that homo sapiens constitutes a term in the overall evolutionary series comparable to the preceding organic and inorganic terms. The inorganic term itself divides into a… read more »

Sheila Blanchard: Review of Ideologies and Their Functions

Systematic Ideology is a field of study originating in, and developing from, the work of the late Harold Walsby, whose book The Domain of Ideologies was published in 1947. Ideologies and their Functions describes the development of Walbsy’s theory, interest in which has been maintained by his friends and followers, and the relevance of that… read more »

George Walford and the Socialist Party of Great Britain: IC vs SP

WILL THE WORKING CLASS SUPPORT THE SOCIALIST PARTY OF GREAT BRITAIN? A Written Debate Between George Walford (Editor of Ideological Commentary) and The Socialist Party of Great Britain Introducing the Participants Opening Statement by George Walford Reply by the Socialist Party of Great Britain Answer to the Reply by George Walford Note by George Walford… read more »

Zvi Lamm: Ideologies in a Hierarchal Order

The article which follows is reprinted (slightly edited) with permission from Science and Public Policy, February 1984. The author is Zvi Lamm, MA, PhD, of the School of Education, Hebrew University of Jerusalem. – GW Professor Zvi Lamm served in the British Army in Europe (1943 – 46) and with the Israeli Defence Forces (1950… read more »

George Walford: Where Do We Go from Here?

This is intended to be the first of a series of articles (it will probably not be a regular series) speculating on the future development of systematic ideology, its future development not just as a theory but as a body of opinion, in relation to society at large. The main features of the theory, so… read more »

Martin Stuart-Fox: Review of Beyond Politics

This review first appeared in The Australian Journal of Politics and History Volume 39 Number 2, October 1993. Systematic ideology is not a well known body of theory. In fact it is largely due to two men. Harold Walsby and George Walford. The work under review is an elaboration and refinement of earlier studies: Walsby’s… read more »