George Walford: The (Anarcho-) Socialist Party (63)

Having paid the larger subscription for the Socialist Standard we proudly declare ourselves now officially a Supporter of the Party. THE NEW ABOLITIONISTS At Chiswick Branch on Friday 22 January. A debate between the (Anarcho)-Socialist Party (SW4) and Lord Desai of the Labour Party. His lordship, in good Labour Party style, kept to reforms he… read more »

George Walford: The Progress of Conservation

One major ideology develops out of another, and it does so because the previous one falls short; along with some of the desired results it produces others both unintended and unwanted. As warnings of the precarious condition of the giant panda brought these animals into the news, so destruction of them increased, more being captured… read more »

George Walford: Cloak and Dagger

The Gadfly, by E. L. Voynich [1] Kipling wrote of the three-decker novel that it carried weary people to the Islands of the Blest. The Gadfly heads from oppression towards freedom yet it, too, carries the romantic cargo; not ‘stolen wills for ballast and a crew of missing heirs,’ but paternity unacknowledged, young love frustrated,… read more »

George Walford: The Ideological Pyramid (63)

The major ideologies, outlined on the facing page, have developed through history. Each of them provides the conditions which permit the next one to emerge, and each of them has fewer people attached to it than the one before. The diagram below indicates the outcome, the ideological structure of contemporary society, but the model needs… read more »

George Walford: Meet Systematic Ideology (63)

(Revision of August 1993) IDEOLOGICAL COMMENTARY announces itself as a journal of systematic ideology (s.i.), but it does not claim final knowledge of this theory; the formulation that looked like the ultimate last month needs alteration now, and the account given here undergoes continuing revision. S.I. starts from observation of the limited success achieved alike… read more »

George Walford: Shotguns in Eden

Destruction of the Amazonian ecology has provided one of the big stories of recent years. The vegetable biomass constitutes a valuable resource, and the area provides a home for tribes whose way of life would disappear with the forest. Much attention has centred around the effects of the changes upon the Yanomamo[1], and here we… read more »

George Walford: Miscellanea

ROUSSEAU believed that the feelings individuals experience for each other (which he called ‘natural commiseration’) could hardly exist between societies. But he recognised the presence of ‘a few great cosmopolitan spirits’ (grandes Ames Cosmopolites) who ‘cross the imaginary barriers that separate peoples, and who, following the example of the sovereign being which created them, embrace… read more »

George Walford, Eric Stockton, Jim Addison: NIAT and MetaNIAT

Letter from Jim Addison Sir, Whenever I read IC I am always baffled by this obsession with NIAT. It’s all over the place. Obviously the criticism of this made by Nicolas Walter has not been understood, so I would like to add mine as well. NIAT constitutes a paradox and as such cannot be used… read more »

George Walford: What Religion Does for Freethinking

A talk delivered to The Ethical Society at Conway Hall by George Walford. For our text this afternoon we have What Religion Does for Freethinking. Following the example set by other preachers, I should like to start by drawing your attention to the wording. Not ‘What Religion has Done’ for freethinking, but what it does…. read more »

George Walford: NIAT (63)

More than one correspondent has brought against NIAT the counter-example of the velocity of light, held to be not merely an absolute but a scientific one. IC has responded by pointing out that this uses ‘absolute’ in a different sense from NIAT, a more limited sense which amounts to hardly more than ‘invariant.’ It now… read more »