Harold Walsby: Revolt and the Masses

(Here we continue reprinting the articles Walsby contributed to the SOCIALIST LEADER, from copy supplied by Ellis Hillman. This one appeared in the issue of January 19, 1952. – GW) A few weeks ago an article of mine appeared in these columns drawing attention to the big problem of transforming the democratic socialist movement into… read more »

George Walford: Editorial Notes (36)

‘THE POWER OF AN IDEOLOGY LIES IN ITS CAPACITY TO ACTIVATE ITS ADHERENTS AND TO CHANGE THE WORLD.’ This is the complete passage: The power of a theology lies in its capacity to offer believers a knowledge of God and so to make possible an escape from the corrupted earth and a transcendental communion. The… read more »

J. C. Lester and David McDonaugh: Anarcho-Capitalism for Liberty and Value

The following ideas represent our own current views on anarcho-capitalism. Other anarcho-capitalist libertarians would disagree with some of what follows, and minimal-statist libertarians would disagree with much more. Anyone interested in finding out more can write to the Libertarian Alliance at [address]. Anarcho-capitalism (or market-anarchism) is the view is that a self-regulating market is possible… read more »