George Gook

George Gook: Are Intellectuals Intelligent?

Harold Walsby, in several of the talks he gave, insisted on the importance of the difference between intellect and intelligence. I never heard him elaborate the point, but recognition of it is crucial for a grasp of systematic ideology. In those early days I assumed that his distinction was based upon the political terminology of… read more »

George Gook: George Walford Memorial

  George Walford has been a friend for almost fifty years. We first met early in 1946 at what was, I believe, the first public meeting of the Social Science Association. The founder of this organisation had published a number of cheap booklets, or pamphlets, on such subjects as The Atom Bomb, The Mass Mind,… read more »

George Walford: The Ideology of a Monument

This sheet and the enclosure concern The Walsby Society. It is a society which has no members. Those who attend its meetings, or read its leaflets, do so for the purpose of opposing speaker, author, and each other. Where other societies, groups and organisations have members or supporters, the Walsby Society has OPPONENTS. So: Dear… read more »