Eric Stockton

Eric Stockton: Thoughts on Ideological Minimalism

Harold Walsby circa 1940s. I enjoyed being one of George Walford’s readers and correspondents although I did not have the pleasure of meeting him. I have no idea what he might have thought of what follows but I like to imagine that he would have found it worth reading. I write as an amateur philosopher… read more »

George Walford, Eric Stockton, Jim Addison: NIAT and MetaNIAT

Letter from Jim Addison Sir, Whenever I read IC I am always baffled by this obsession with NIAT. It’s all over the place. Obviously the criticism of this made by Nicolas Walter has not been understood, so I would like to add mine as well. NIAT constitutes a paradox and as such cannot be used… read more »

George Walford: Notes & Quotes (62)

NIAT: ‘A reduction in road accidents is a good thing’ might seem to be an absolute truth, but no. Organs for transplants grow increasingly scarce, and surgeons blame the declining number of traffic victims. (Observer 19 Sept). NIAT: ‘Nothing ought to be compulsory reading.’ (Alan Ryan TLS May 21, 9) NIAT: Physical quantities like energy… read more »

George Walford: Notes & Quotes (61)

NIAT: ‘Perfect co-ordination is achieved only when there is nothing to co-ordinate.’ (C. N. Parkinson). NIAT: Bob Black offers a statement (from Harpo Marx) which is absolutely true, not in any way false, questionable or even conditional: ” .” NOTHING washes whiter than Persil. CAPITALISM causes war? Might as well say that computers cause calculation…. read more »

George Walford: Notes & Quotes (59)

NEW babies don’t laugh, make war, walk erect, use tools, or make love at all seasons. Does any definition of humanity include them? ABBOT John Chapman: ‘I wish I could join the ‘Solitaries,’ instead of being Superior and having to write books. But I don’t wish what I wish, of course.’ CHILDREN under 17 commit… read more »