George Walford: Editorial Notes (52)

Russia abandons the drive towards communism, America (with a little help) drives Iran out of Kuwait, Mrs. Thatcher resigns the premiership. Great events, all of them. And now, to crown the series (spotlight, roll of drums): IC GOES QUARTERLY. This issue carries the date Summer 1991, to be followed by Autumn, Winter and Spring. The… read more »

George Walford: The Iron Law

Robert Michels’ book, Political Parties, a sociological study of the oligarchical tendencies of modern democracy [1], first appeared in 1911, and quickly became famous [2]. The English translation has been available since 1915 (there were also Italian, German, French and Japanese versions) and in those seventy-five years nobody, so far as I have been able… read more »

George Walford: Ideology in Education

Should the school be adapted to the child or the child to the school? An inclination in either direction is notoriously linked with political outlook, and this suggests a connection with the underlying system of major ideologies. Zvi Lamm, a professor of education in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, has cut across these roundabout associations,… read more »

J. M. Alventosa Ferri: Beyond Ideology?

The book Beyond Politics, an outline of systematic ideology, calls attention to the analysis, observation and study of opposites. It is a dialectical book about dialectics. It is intended to explain the ideological structure of today’s society. It is in vogue nowadays to write and talk about the end of history, the end of the… read more »

George Walford: Stack of the Artist of Kouroo

“Scholars, load your texts!” The command opens Austin Meredith’s proposal for bringing study of Henry David Thoreau into the world of the computer. One CD-ROM (compact disk of read-only memory) can carry Thoreau’s complete works – “all books and drafts, magazine articles, journals, factbooks, letters to and from and about” – and still be about… read more »

George Walford: The (Anarcho-) Socialist Party of Great Britain (30)

IC holds out a continuing invitation: We undertake to print any statement of up to 1,000 words carrying the approval of this party, or one of its branches. Letters from individual members will appear if they are cogent, interesting and concise, and if space permits. If you want your letter to appear unedited or not… read more »

George Walford: Editorial Notes (30)

TO INTENDING CONTRIBUTORS IC is not an academic journal and we do not need to support a claim to academic status by flying the tribal recognition symbols. We can use English instead of sociologese or litcritican. When tempted to relax with “heuristic,” “semiotic,” “deconstruction,” “discourse” (in the academic sense), “problematic” and the others, the effort… read more »

Zvi Lamm: Ideology in Education

(A talk given by Dr. Zvi Lamm,of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, in Highgate, London, on Thursday 28th March, 1985. This talk was delivered informally and at short notice; here it has undergone the editing called for by the transition from speech to writing). My concern with ideology began many years ago, and for some… read more »

George Walford: Unintended Consequences

Reforms have an unfortunate tendency to produce unintended consequences; Katharine Whitehorn recently noted some more instances of this: Clear away slums and you destroy family relationships; give children school meals and mothers stop thinking it their job to feed them; introduce the potato to Ireland and produce the famines of the 1840s, and Irish Americans… read more »

George Walford: Teachers to the Barricades

To say the computer is producing a revolution in education has become almost a cliche, but those who say this seldom have more in mind than, firstly, education in the use of computers and, secondly, the use of computers as educational aids. These are certainly changes, and big ones, but they are rather addition than… read more »