Abert Meltzer

Abert Meltzer: Reply to the Article Entitled “The Anarchist Police Force”

The article “The Anarchist Police Force” contains the usual inaccuracies and generalisations of articles of this nature. There is an abysmal ignorance of the anarchist anarcho-syndicalist movement in Spain in this, country and its history (pre-organisational; years of struggle; civil war; after; today). But superficial Marxist observers have some flip answers. All agree that in… read more »

George Walford: Reply to the Reply

It is of course in order to use a reply to an article as a chance to put one’s own case over. But the conventions require that the “reply” should at least pretend to be relevant to the main theme of the original, and Mr. Meltzer has not made much effort in that direction. The… read more »