A. W. Spencer-Bragg (Harold Walsby): The Final Crusade

Not till a natural science of collective life has been created… Can we expect to enter into a really human era of history… in which collective life evolves… according to reason. -S. de Madariaga. Throughout the ages, since the dawn of human society, men have quarrelled, fought and made war upon one another. Whatever their… read more »

A. W. Spencer-Bragg (Harold Walsby): The International Volcano

It cannot be denied that for a society… to whom unlimited energy means unlimited power for war and destruction there is an ominous cloud in the distance… – Sir Arthur Eddington The aftermath of the most gigantic war in all history discloses to the more discerning mind a situation which is fraught with the direst… read more »

A. W. Spencer-Bragg (Harold Walsby): While Rome Burns

One of the most terrifying symptoms of the present time is the complete indifference of the average person to politics, apart from the squabbles about party. -Professor Sir John Graham Kerr, M.P. In earlier chapters we have drawn attention to the magnitude and urgency of the problems arising from the impact of science on our… read more »

A. W. Spencer-Bragg (Harold Walsby): Scientific Superstitions

The real problem is how scientific resources can be co-ordinated with our inadequate knowledge of mankind and the relation of man to man. Dr. J. F. Moutford, Vice-Chancellor of Liverpool University. In view of the very strong position occupied by scientists in modern civilisation – the fact that they hold many of the most strategic… read more »

A. W. Spencer-Bragg (Harold Walsby): The Rape of Science

.”.. the politicians and statesmen are not fit to handle modern scientific inventions and discoveries.” – Dr. Ernest Boris Chain. The search for knowledge is among the noblest endeavours of which mankind is capable, yet now every advance in this direction seems but one more step towards our self-destruction. In the nineteenth century there was… read more »

A. W. Spencer-Bragg (Harold Walsby): Are Scientists Inhuman?

I am at frightened man. All the scientists I know are frightened men, frightened for their lives and frightened for your life. Dr. Harold C. Urey Many people feel – and it is easily understandable – that the situation in which they find themselves to-day has come about without their knowledge, – that they have… read more »

A. W. Spencer-Bragg (Harold Walsby): Social Hari-Kari

The world has become mulch smaller and more explosive. Now we are all crowded together into as single house. Beneath the floor of our house there is a time bomb ticking away, as write this … as you read this. Dr. Harold C. Urey, Atom bomb scientist. During the war we looked forward to peace…. read more »

A. W. Spencer-Bragg (Harold Walsby): The Child with the Loaded Pistol

We cannot stop and stand still even if we would; we are committed to further progress or, at least, further change. The knowledge and power which science has given us must inevitably carry us on with a frightful momentum. Prof. W. McDougall The enormous technical advances made by physical science in recent years and the… read more »

A. W. Spencer-Bragg (Harold Walsby): 999 – Emergency!

  London: Social Science Association 1946. 64 pages. Let the mind rise from victory to victory over surrounding nature, let it conquer for human life and activity not only the surface of the earth but all that lies between the depth of the seas and the outer limits of the atmosphere, let it command for… read more »

Peter Shepherd: Harold Walsby, Independent Thinker

“A draft Introduction for an intended second edition of Harold Walsby’s The Domain of Ideologies. […] It is important that a new edition of the book, if and when it appears, should have benefited from all possible sources of information about its background and a variety of views about its approach and implications.” Peter Shepherd,… read more »